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Empowering Institutional clients with Seamless Digital Asset Trading Solutions and Infrastructure
(Direct Market Access)
We provide a DMA service to enable traders to directly connect the CEXes and DEXes.
LTP RapidTrade
RapidTrade is a fast and efficient trading platform for digital assets. It unifies the market and trading interface of multiple exchanges, integrates LTP RapidNet, and achieves high concurrency and high stability through a distributed framework. That way, traders can access and obtain low-latency market data and trading services more efficiently and conveniently.
Cross Margin
Lower latency
Due to the venue co-location and cross-venue dedicated net, LTP has significantly optimized the latency, reducing it by up to 40% for traders.
Most affordable
We offer the most competitive trading fees and lending rates in the market.
Defi Access Defi
Through the self-built full node and light node system, LTP allows users to enjoy faster and smarter trade experiences on-chain.
Security & Custody
We combine advanced termination and hardware isolation technology to protect customers' and investors' funds from cyber attacks, internal frauds, and human errors.
Borrow at a more affordable rate
Improve your capital efficiency, up to 5x
Cross margin on various venues
Leverage and Cross Margin
We provide low-cost capital allocation services for traders, support multiple exchanges and multiple varieties, and help users maximize capital utilization
Registered with the U.S. Department of Treasury Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (“FinCEN”) as a Money Services Business (“MSB”)