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Protecting the assets of our clients is paramount to us. We've dedicated years of work and substantial resources to ensuring the highest standard of security throughout our organization.
Features and advantages
Top-Tier Security Guaranteed
  • Industry leading trading custody system integrated with and Fireblocks Ceffu (Logos, needs to be approved by Ceffu and Fireblocks).
  • Strictly follow ISO27001.
Key Management
  • Private keys kept in HSM.
  • Staff do not have visibility into private key plaintext.
  • Multi-factor authentication and encrypted transmission.
Data Protection
  • Located in ultra-secure data centers equivalent to bank vaults.
  • Strictly follow ISO29100.
  • Data center devices with diverse structural designs.
Trading Custody
Powered by Ceffu and Fireblocks, leveraging multi layers of
security and leading prime broker industry best practice
We Maintain Strict Security (Protocols?)